Watercolor Demonstration…..

We had an amazing watercolor demonstration at the studio yesterday by the wonderful water-colorist Sri.Jagadeesh Narayanan

He explained the aspects of the watercolor medium thoroughly & did a wonderful landscape using the medium.

The finished work was absolutely vibrant with life! The audience enjoyed watching him work & knowing about the medium.

Sharing a few pictures here…..

Beginning the demo by explaining composition & tonal study…


The Initial Sketch…


Beginning the painting


The first wash…


Keenly observing the artists brush strokes


Explaining about light & shadows…


One of the amazing works by the artist


Discussing few of his works…


A quick introduction to negative painting…


The finished Masterpiece!!


A group Click…


Had a wonderful time with the amazing water-colorist at the studio, learning the medium!

Hope to come up with more such wonderful demonstrations & classes by the artist soon.

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