TWENTIES – Introducing my new TANGLE PATTERN!!

I usually commute between my home & studio by bus.

The other day, while I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus, I had this 20/- INR (India National Rupee) in my hand and I started to observe the currency closely…

It had some beautiful organic patterns on it & one particular pattern caught my eye!

As soon as I reached my studio, I tried and deconstructed it….

So, here’s presenting my new tangle TWENTIES (named after the denomination of the currency)

It makes for a lovely organic border tangle…. but, can also be used as centerpiece or even fragments as I demonstrate in my example tiles!

The Inspiration….


A closer look at the pattern….


Step-outs for TWENTIES


For the Border Style: You start with simple orbs/roundish shapes spaced at a distance and then you connect these orbs with a simple “S” curve & aura this shape

Then you add some simple petal shapes on either side of the ‘S’ curve to form a leaf. Then you embellish this with veins, aura & some perfs!!

For the centerpiece style, start with one Orb in the center & draw as many “S” curves starting from the Orb & then continue to form the leaf & embellish!!

Hope you enjoy tangling with TWENTIES!!

Have fun 🙂

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