TTP#40 – Pattern “HOOPLA-GLEE”

This week on Bangalore Tanglers:

we are exploring a very fun and versatile pattern “Hoopla-Glee” created by CZT Aishwarya Darbha.

When I decided to use this pattern as weekly prompt, initially I was not very sure as to how I should draw this pattern on a tile…. as a focus piece? as a filler?…

I just began unplanned and once I started doing a tile, the pattern just flowed on paper in ways I hadn’t imagined.

Here’s my exploration of Hoopla-Glee as a border & as tranZending!!

tranZending Hoopla-Glee on a white tile…


As a Border on Black Tile….


Completed Tiles…


For step-outs on how to do the pattern and to explore new patterns & strings every week, do join me on Bangalore Tanglers!!

Do share your creations, Happy Tangling!

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