Travelling Tangles….

Travelling Tangles is a fun collaborative project between Zentangle Enthusiasts across the globe! This concept was started by Singapore based CZT Stephanie Jennifer a few years ago…..

Here’s how it works: A tangler starts with a Zentangle tile & only finishes it half-way and then sends it across to another tangler to complete & for keeps!! In exchange he/she receives a half-done tile by their tangle-partner to complete & keep….. Simple & fun, right?!!

Inspired by this concept, we Zentangle Enthusiasts here do this fun collaborative project more locally across India, through Zentangle India. To know how this works & to join in the fun visit this group on FB here:

So, recently I collaborated with few Tanglers across India for this Travelling Tangles Project…. Here’s presenting the tiles that we worked on


Beautiful Start by Priya from Gurgaon….


My additions to her tile….


A wonderful start by Aishwarya from Chennai


My additions to her tile…


A lovely colorful start by Sukesha from Mumbai…


My additions to her creation…


It was so fun & challenging to work on their starts!! Hoping to do more collaborations in the future…. Have a nice day!!

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