Recently ZHQ came up with a Tangle Spinner Project for their annual 12 Days of Zentangle. Inspired by the project, I decide to give the spinner idea my own creative twist & came up with the “Tangle Choice GAME BOARD”

I have been practicing Zentangle art for a couple years now and while I have some favorite tangles, I do know quite a lot of patterns. Though this might sound good, but sometimes it’s quite daunting as to what tangles to choose next to put on the tiles……. and I felt this task of choosing should not take away the Zen from my Zentangle Practice 🙂 Hence this game board to make the choice of tangles easier!!

This Game Board is made on artists quality 180 gsm Grey Art Paper. I have used Black, Green & Blue Pigma Micron Pens and shaded with graphite & general’s white chalk. In the center of the game board I have drawn a Diamond Studded Gem using my polychromos color pencils & sakura pens. It has about 75 tangle patterns in total!!

Here’s presenting the work-in-progress picture of the Board….


Layout Done….


Progress in tangles…


More progress…


Done with the Tangles!!


After shading….


Closer view of the Diamond Gem work…


The Final “GAME BOARD”!!!


If you notice the board closely, it is like a pie divided into 12 segments!! Each segment is numbered 1 through 12

I intend to use game dice to work through this board….. One can use a pair of dice numbered 1 to 6. So by the roll of 2 dice once, I have the choice of which segment to use.

Each segment has 6-7 patterns within them. Once the segment is decided, I can choose tangles within the segment randomly or I can roll a single dice a second time to choose a tangle within the segment!

You can come up with more creative ways, of your own, on how to use this board!!

Create one & have fun tangling!!

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  1. This is a cool way to choose a tangle! Your tangle board is beautiful! Keep it going! Enjoy the coming new year.

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