In this class we shall work on creating Tangled HEART BOXES, which makes for cute Gift or chocolate boxes with your own personal touch!!

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Once a student has completed Beginners Zentangle Session and wishes to learn more techniques, complex tangles to enhance tangling skill & intends to make a regular tangle practice, these Advance sessions are offered.
All the advance sessions are designed in a systematic way introducing you to more complex and intricate patterns, equipping you with new techniques in tangling and sometimes introduces combining tangling with simple crafts


★ Must have done the Beginners Workshop
★ Please bring your Beginners kit supplies. Tiles & worksheets are provided.

Over the course of the ADVANCE Zentangle Session which spans from 2.5-3.0 Hours, we shall:

  •  Revisit the practice of mindfulness and deliberate focus.
  •  Recall some terminologies & learn some new ones.
  •  Learn and Practice up to 5 new patterns which are more complex & intricate
  •  Learn new techniques in tangling or use of other mediums to create Zentangle or ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art)
  •  Create beautiful & intricate abstract art using structured patterns.
  •  Take home finished project, with enough new & updated skills to create new projects & continue the practice of Zentangle


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