Zentangle KIT containing all Original Tangle Supplies

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A great way to start your Zentangle Journey with this starter kit! Makes for a lovely gift for creatives in your life.

Please Note: The Best way to begin your Zentangle journey of drawing, is to take a Beginner’s Class from a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher). This helps you understand the philosophies, method & terminologies in a better way and builds a solid foundation for your further practice of Zentangle.

Beginner’s Zentangle KIT Contains:

  1. A beautiful Draw-String bag to contain all the tools of Zentangle
  2. 2 Original Zentangle paper tiles of 3.5 inches square
  3. 3 Local Zentangle paper tiles of 3.5 inches square
  4. 1 Sakura Pigma Micron PN Pen in BLACK Color ink
  5. 1 Zentangle Graphite pencil
  6. 1 Tortillion/Paper Stump
  7. 1 Bookmark of the Zentangle Guideline of Drawing
  8. 1 Kit insert introducing the Zentangle Method


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