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Here is how the ONLINE and PRIVATE/One-on-One Sessions work:
★ During your purchase of the workshop, while check-out, please specify if you are looking for
online or private session and if you have any particular date/time in mind.
★ If you opt for PRIVATE session, once purchase is final, I shall contact you to fix up an
appointment for one-on-one session at the studio.
★ If you opt for ONLINE session, once purchase if final, I shall contact you and send all
Original Zentangle Supplies required for the workshop. Once the materials reach you, we
can fix up a date/time and have a session via WhatsApp/Skype/Hangouts video call.
★ Duration of the session is around 2.5-3.0 Hours
★ Please ensure you have a reliable internet connection for the online session.
★ My available timings for ONLINE SESSIONS
o 11.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday
o 10.30am-2.00pm Saturday & Sunday
o Late evenings (8pm-11pm) on weekdays can also be worked out on prior request

Zentangle® is a form of relaxed, mindful drawing method where we use structured patterns in a
repetitive way to create abstract images. Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, and fun way to
create beautiful images by drawing patterns, called tangles. It is all about being in the present,
mindful, focused & calm!

Apart from the outcome of beautiful art, Zentangle plays multiple role in personal well-being! Here
are some of the benefits enjoyed from the Zentangle method of Drawing:

★ Cultivates mindfulness, increases awareness, while relieving stress
★ Helps in expanding your imagination
★ Enhances hand-eye co-ordination
★ Helps in responding confidently to the unexpected
★ Nurtures your creative expression
★ Has a positive influence on creativity, self-image, focus and problem-solving
★ Turns you into a beautiful artist!
Over the course of the Beginners’ Zentangle Workshop, we shall cover the following:
★ The philosophy & methodology of Zentangle, and the terminologies used in this art form.
★ Practicing mindfulness and Zen aspects of the Zentangle.
★ Introduction to 6 patterns
★ Create beautiful & intricate abstract art using structured patterns.
★ Take home finished project, with enough skills and supplies to continue your practice of


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