STAIN GLASS BUTTONS – In this advance Zentangle Class let’s create a glossy, vibrant & colorful Stain Glass effect tangled button!! We shall explore in-depth adding stain glass effect to Zentangle and play with tangles & colors to finish off our tiles.

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Once a student has completed Beginners Zentangle Session and wishes to learn more techniques, complex tangles to enhance tangling skill & intends to make a regular tangle practice Advance sessions are offered.
While all the advance sessions introduce you to more complex and intricate patterns, some sessions equip you with new skills in tangling and sometimes introduces the use of other mediums like colours, new surfaces with tangles!

★ Must have done the Beginners Workshop
★ Please bring your Beginners kit supplies. Tiles & worksheets are provided.

Over the course of the Advance Zentangle Session which spans from 2.5-3.0 Hours, we shall:

  •  Revisit the practice of mindfulness and deliberate focus.
  •  Recall some terminologies & learn some new ones.
  •  Learn and Practice up to 5 new patterns which are more complex & intricate
  •  Learn new techniques in tangling or use of other mediums to create Zentangle or ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art)
  •  Create beautiful & intricate abstract art using structured patterns.
  •  Take home finished project, with enough new & updated skills to create new projects & continue the practice of Zentangle


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