Playing with RIBBONS…..

For Project Pack-03 by ZHQ, tanglers across the world worked on creating an ensemble

on a 3*3 white tile format (9 white tiles in total!). On these tiles, strings resembling multiple flowy ribbons were created

and some fragments & border tangles were used to tangle onto these ribbons & finished off with shadings & background.

I worked on this project a little different by using 2*2 (4 tiles) format Grey Apprentice size Tile!!

Here is the in-progress pictures of the ensemble that I created….

Starting off with 4 grey tiles adding string & fragment…


In comes the Diva Dance rock-n-roll…


Oh the Weighted Hollibaugh…!!


Next came Toodles…


A variation on Tipples….


Again the Tipples with a bejeweled look….


Then there was paradox 2-ways & a fragment…


Then the dramatic Jonqal & N’Zepple


Here’s the look of the Ensemble with completed ribbons & Tangles….


Oh wait…. There’s More……


Now the Sades of grey & highlights…!!!


The background….And it’s DONE!!!! Oh so dreamy 🙂


I had sooo much fun creating this ensemble!! This was a quick one with just 4 tiles.

Once my schedule clears a bit after my art show, am planning to work on the 9-tile ensemble with colors n all!! 🙂

Shall keep you posted! See ya…

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