PATHWAY – A new pattern!!

Hey folks!! Here’s a brand new pattern that I recently deconstructed……

Presenting, PATHWAY – a nice grid-based pattern for you to play with!!

Step-outs to PATHWAY


As, you can see in the above step-outs,

Pathway adds a fun drama to your tile by filling the spaces in the pattern with black ink….

You can also use it as a nice grid-based Border!

The Inspiration behind this pattern was a sidewalk/pathway near my studio!! Here’s a picture of the inspiration….

Inspiration – The sidewalk tiles with the pattern


Hope you have fun with this pattern! Do share them; would love to see your play with PATHWAY 🙂

In the example tiles in the step-outs, on the first tile I have used Pathway with Zentangle Original ‘NZepple pattern.

Please use the hashtag “#pathwaypattern” or tag me on Facebook as @VandanaKrishna or on Instagram as @vandanakrishk when you post your tile using this pattern, so that I shall be able to see your lovely works!! Thanks!!

Happy Tangling and have a nice weekend!! 🙂

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  1. Annette P. (aka LonettA)

    So wonderful Fragment!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Thank you for sending your lovely “Pathway” to the MUSTERQUELLE, too!
    Zen Hugs, Annette

    1. Vandana Krishna

      Thanks a lot Annette 🙂
      Thanks for the resourceful MUSTERQUELLE site 🙂

  2. Angie Simas

    I love your inspiration for PATHWAY. It goes to show how important our powers of observation. One needn’t look outside our everyday world. It can be right in front of you.

    1. Vandana Krishna

      Thanks so much Angie 🙂 Would love to see your beautiful tiles using Pathway 🙂

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