My Books for 2018!!

Books have always been a part of my life ever since my growing up years…….. & when am not creating, am reading!!

My Books for 2018….


Thought of sharing some of the books that were part of my journey in 2018!!!
Though in this digital era, you can find ideas/inspirations/opinions on every topic under the sun with the click of a button, there is something special about owning hard copy of books!!
I prefer owning a physical book than digital…. I enjoy holding them in my hand, the texture of the paper, the color and of course the smell of a book old or new!! And most if the books that I own, I always go back to them time and again….Each time I read them, there is something new to learn! Any day I would love to curl up on my couch with a good book & some hot coffee!!

Was a beautiful journey with these books in 2018; learnt a lot from them! Sure to go back to some of them again and also hoping to add more to my collection in 2019!

Until then, Happy reading ye all!

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