Inktober is a daily drawing challenge started by Artist Jake Parker in 2009! This challenge enables artists to get into the habit of daily drawing by creating one ink drawing a day, for the whole of October. To know more about Inktober visit

The official Inktober prompt list is more for Illustrators & Fine Artists!

So, Stephanie Jennifer, CZT From Singapore has created a Tangle Prompt List for Zentangle Artists across the world who would like to create a tangle each day in October!
I decided to share these prompts with my Zentangle Group on Face Book “Bangalore Tanglers” If you would like to join in the creative fun of tangling everyday, do consider joining the group, where, each day I post my take on the day’s prompt along with link to step-outs on how to go about doing the tangles!!

Here’s my play for Week-1 of Inktober Tangles……

Mooka on a Tan Heart tile


Play with YAH


GINILI on a distressed background tile


FACETS on Black Tile


PAIS & FLEAVY… 2 prompts on a 3Z


ONION DROPS border on white tile


Thanks to all of the tanglers who have deconstructed these amazing patterns &

also to which hosts all the tangles creating a wonderful online library of patterns!


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