HEARTANGLES – Another New Pattern!!

Here’s another brand-new pattern that I recently deconstructed…..

Presenting “HEARTANGLES” (A combination of HEARTS and TRIANGLES)

                                                                        Step-outs to HEARTANGLES


So, this pattern starts with a Triangular Grid (either lined triangular grid as in my step-out or triangular reticula/pattern like the Zentangle original TRIPOLI)

Once, the grid is done, start by adding Half-Hearts in each triangle, mirroring them as you move to the next triangle! Then, join the top & bottom ends of the adjacent hearts. The half-hearts line up to form full hearts which can then be embellished with lines/auras/filled with ink. When you join the top & bottom end of the hearts, a meta-shape which resembles Shuriken (a 3-edged Japanese concealed weapon) is formed! If you use even number of triangles in the grid, all the half hearts line up to form full hearts; else some may not line up as explained in the step-out above.

This pattern provides ample opportunities for shading & filling adding beautiful drama to the pattern! You can see in my example tiles, a couple of variations that I have done. In the example, on one white tile I have used the pattern along with Zentangle Original Pokeroot; on the other I have used Zentangle original Tripoli as the triangular grid. On the grey tile, I have explored the pattern as a frame.

By the way, Shuriken is also a fun new pattern in the Zentangle world, deconstructed by my fellow CZT Sunali Shah from Mumbai. You can find the pattern here: https://www.zennergy.in/shuriken-zentangle-pattern-created-by-sunali

Inspiration for the pattern:

The Zentangle original TRIPOLI is one of my favorite tangles and I usually explore it as a monotangle.

The Zendala from which was born Heartangles!!


The other day, while I was playing with Tripoli on a Zendala (a round tile), for filling the triangular reticula, I started doing heart shapes and filled them with ink…. After I did this for a few of them, I started seeing the meta-shapes and began playing with it further as shown in the above Zendala. Finally I decided to create this as an independent pattern; thus was born HEARTTANGLES!!

Hope you enjoy using HEARTANGLES! Please do tag me (@vandanakrishk on Instagram, Vandana Krishna on FB) or use the hashtag “#hearttanglespattern” whenever you post your explorations on social media, so that I can have a look of your beautiful tiles!!

Thanks, Happy Tangling & a very happy weekend!!

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  1. Annette P. (aka LonettA)

    Very pretty Heart-Tangle … I like it a lot!
    Thank you for sharing. I´ll add it to our MUSTERQUELLE … it´s so fine!
    Zen Hugs, Annette

    1. Vandana Krishna

      Thanks so much Annette 🙂 Very happy that you want to make it a part of MUSTERQUELLE 🙂

  2. Yvonne C Dunmore

    I love heart tangles. This one is especially beautiful ♥

    1. Vandana Krishna

      Thanks Yvonne 🙂 Looking forward to your wonderful tiles using the pattern 🙂

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