Wishing You all a very Happy, Healthy, Creative & Prosperous NEW YEAR 2019!!
Huge Gratitude to all of you who have supported, encouraged & inspired me in my creative endeavors the past year.
It has been a lovely journey thus far & hoping this new year shall be even better!
While I have planned to bring you new classes & some workshops through new associations I also intend to learn & explore some new mediums myself!
Am not a believer of Resolutions, but I do believe in setting & achieving short-term goals which leads us towards the path of growth.
This new year I intend to work towards my goals of getting more fit, working towards a better management of my time, focus more on creating than comparing & of course learn new skills & practice more! So “TIME-FOCUS-CREATE-LEARN” is my Mantra for this New Year. What’s your’s?
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