Fragments February!! – #1

This month on our Bangalore Tanglers FB Group (Find the group here: instead of the usual string & tangle prompt, we are exploring fragments!!

So, every Wednesday in February I shall post 2 fragments for the tanglers to explore The fragment numbers are referenced from the new book “Reticula & Fragments” by ZHQ. But one need not own the book to do these prompts. The fragments can be used as monotangles or one can combine them on a single tile or can use them in combination with other patterns too!
One is free to use any string, reticula or grid as per your wish!

So the fragments for this week is FE-1 & FH-21



And here are my tiles using them!

Both fragments on a tile!


Fragment FH-21 with tangles Florz & Icantoo


Completed Tiles with Reticula & Fragments book by ZHQ


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