Recently, I wrapped up this embedded lettering project….

In the world of Zentangle, embedded letters are like little jewels on the tiles…..

The idea is to camouflage letters, words or even numbers onto a tile adding intricate tangles all around.

These can be used to customize a tile or even a gift wrapping to add a lovely personal touch to it!!

I enjoyed playing around with it on my Strathmore toned tan paper. The pages of this journal are lovely and takes layers of ink & graphite!!

The magic of tangling on tinted papers is when you add the shades of graphite & white charcoal…. It brings out a lovely depth & glow as well!!

Here are presenting some of my lettering tangles

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  1. Sneha

    Do u take online classes? How does it work? Wats the cost?
    I m Interested in canvas zentangle.. Let me know

    1. Vandana Krishna

      Yes I do take online classes!
      Please check the workshops link on this website to know about my online classes.

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