Art Projects of Brooklyn Art Library….

Brooklyn Art Library(BAL) at NY has this amazing collection of over 40000 Sketch Books from artists all over the world!!
And am all excited to start the new Volume-14 of the Sketchbook Project 2019!!
Received this Vol-14 SB recently…. Exciting New Themes
My previous Sketchbook full of tangles is already part of Brooklyn Art Library’s collection Will share images of my previous sketchbook project in a few days!!
Also, I will be mailing out my canvas project to them soon 
The Canvas Project is a limited edition art project by BAL where they have unique Word Prompt for every Artist registered for the project! My prompt was “HARSH” and I interpreted it depicting Harsh Sea wave!! Once the canvases of all artists reach them they will print a book of all works & do a canvas swap!! Am excited to know which part of the world my canvas end up in!!
Canvas Project – Wip
Completed Canvas – A cute 4*4 inch Size!!
Can’t wait to work on more exciting projects like these in future!For now other exciting things happening at my studio…. Will share about it soon!!Happy Creations!
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