3T-Tuesday Travelling Tangles & some Grey tinted tiles!!

On the Zentangle India Group, every now and then we do “Tuesday Travelling Tangles Project” or simply 3T!!
It is a collaborative project of Zentangle swap inspired by the Traveling Tangles Project by CZT Stephanie Jennifer.
On a given Tuesday one tangler from the group shall post 3-4 half done tiles for the swap; and anyone in the group can pick up the tile to complete & in-turn send a half-done tile to the swap partner!
This week was my turn to post the Swap tiles!!
I introduced Grey-Tinted tiles in this swap. I hand picked these grey tinted sheets & got them dye-cut from my vendor. The grey tint provides a very versatile surface to work with both black & white inks & also graphite, charcoal pencils!!
Here are my half done tiles for the swap & also some explorations on Grey Tiles…

A Grey Zendala with pattern Aquafluer

Grey Apprentice tile with pattern Shattuk

Regular Square tile with pattern Toodles

A 3Z Grey with pattern Frondous

Some explorations that I did on Square & 3Z tiles!!
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