The Twelve Days of Zentangle series has become a tradition in the Zentangle circles, where we tangle for 12 consecutive days during the Christmas season!! In this series, we borrow a traditional holiday song as a playful way to share fun, little Zentangle projects for twelve consecutive days.
Although this is a Christmas song, all projects can be interpreted and appreciated by all traditions.
This year the theme was to take a trip down memory lane and explore the tiles, tangles and techniques as they came into the Zentangle world over the years.
So here are my tiles for the 12 Days!!
DAY-1 Back to Basics with a Twist!
DAY-2 A 3D-Tile Exploration
DAY-3 Anew tangle “RUMPUS”
DAY-4 Diva Dance with some Sproing
DAY-5 Exploring “CUT IT OUT”
DAY-6 New Tangle “TOODLES”
DAY-7 Working on AURAs
DAY-8 The Crowned jewel that BIJOU is!
DAY-9 Bijou Twins in Black & Tan
DAY-10 Exploring Paradox as a Reticula
DAY-11 Making 3Z Stars
DAY-12 A Fragment Tree & Diamond
I thoroughly enjoyed 12 days of Tangling! Relaxing & Fun 🙂
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